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Many people have been looking for an Atama BJJ forum to find out more info about this massive brand name so we decided to point out some resources for you guys to use that may be helpful. While there doesn’t seem to be a specific forum on the subject, there are many useful forum posts and articles about the Atama BJJ brand on various reputable Martial arts and BJJ related websites.. There is of course the official Atama site it’s self although depending on the state of your Portuguese, you may have to use a translator.

There are some very interesting threads on the major MMA and BJJ forums that show different points of view on the quality of Atama BJJ gi’s like this forum discussion on Sherdog. While not an official Atama BJJ forum, it is a very well known and respected forum. has a fantastic forum thread here.The more interesting posts are near the bottom of the thread.

For a bit of history of that conversation, there’s a thread on here. Now, it is clear that Atama is an incredibly popular brand worldwide that seems to have suffered quite a knock when one of the most senior staff passed away but for all intents and purposes, it really does appear to have recovered. There are quite a few forum posts about the actual impact on the business but what most people want from an Atama BJJ forum is to know whether or not they are good quality BJJ gis’s and if they offer value for money. In other words, is it worthwhile to buy an Atama Gi. It really does appear that it the overwhelming majority of people who buy these gi’s are happy with them but we’ll leave you to decide once you’ve read the opinions listed in the different places mentioned here. Even better, give us your opinion if you’re actually worn one by commenting below.


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