20% Off BJJ gi’s at MMA Warehouse this week | Black Friday 2017

The Guys at MMA Warehouse are running a great promotion this week on BJJ Gi’s if you use this coupon code. It’s an early bird special for Black Friday. Take a look. They have awesome Gi’s, so grab the 20% off while you can!


Black Friday BJJ Gi deals

Black Friday BJJ Gi deals


Holy cow! Black Friday 20% off BJJ gi’s at BJJ warehouse

BJJ gi black friday dealsI just love massive discounts. BJJ Gi’s cost a fortune but not on Black Friday!

BJJ warehouse, part of MMA warehouse is running a massive black Friday special. Get 20% off everything with their coupon code “BLK20” plus 60% off a lot of other stuff. Big name BJJ Gi’s at bargain prices.

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Flow Kimonos Pro Series BJJ Gi – What do people have to say.

I was browsing on Amazon and came across the brand ‘Flow Kimonos“. I was quite curious as I have never worn one or even noticed other grapplers wearing them but they seem to have amazing reviews. They look quite cool and according their website, they ‘beat the heat’. Since I’m such a sweaty bastard, that appeals to me. I took a look through the reviews to see what people like about them. I’m a big one for seeing what other people say first, as I’ve been burned in the past by bad quality stuff.

The description of the gi that they have published is:

480gsm pearl weave top
8oz ripstop cotton pants
100% Preshrunk fabric (<2% shrinkage)
Ripstop shoulder panel
Printed stretch drawstring

86% of the people who’ve bought them from Amazon say they fit perfectly. That’s not 100% but it’s not too bad for buying it online.

Flow Kimonos Pro BJJ gi

Flow Kimonos Pro BJJ gi

They published this size chart , which should help solve the problem.

Flow Kimono pro size chart

Flow Kimono pro size chart

These gi’s seem to be mid price to high price Gi’s.

I had a look at the user reviews, which were pretty much all positive to see what people had to say after they had worn the gi’s. Some of the comments were that they wear well and show no wear after two weeks. ( I don’t know if that’s really long enough but I guess if there was a problem, it would show that soon if you roll a lot. another person has worn is for a year with no problems. One BJJ player noted how many compliments he’d received about the way it looks. There were some comments about how comfortable it is and how it’s suitable for summer as it’s light.

Flow kimonos gi drawstring

Flow kimonos gi drawstring

The drawstring on the pants was mentioned as being really good. It’s a small thing but I find that the design shown on the gi of the drawstring appeals to me as there’s nothing worse than when the drawstring creeps in to the pants on some gi’s and you battle to get it out.

All in all, what I took away from reading the reviews on these gi’s is that you have to read the size chart carefully and they do shrink slightly. The big take away for me is that everyone who’s bought a Flow Kimonos BJJ Gi seems to be extremely happy with the great quality, durability and light weight. Since I live in a sunny climate and tend to rip gi’s, this seems like it could be a good option for my next BJJ gi. What do you think? Have you worn a flow Kimono’s gi. I’d value your opinion in the comments.


Get a great winter discount of 20%

Hi guys,

I’ve just seen that there’s a great discount happening at BJJ warehouse where they’re giving a discount of 20% on purchases until 18 January 2016 with the coupon code ‘WINTER’. So if you’re looking to save on a BJJ gi from a big brand this month, then check out their selection here.

Winter bjj gi sale

Winter sale

Wow! 20% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials still on for BJJ Gi’s!

I can’t believe I only saw this now and had to share it. BJJ Warehouse is having some seeeeeeeeeerious discounts on their stuff until the 30th.

Check out the coupon code for  20% off the entire Site – CODE “BJJBF” when you click the  banner below! Venum gi’s, Hayabusa Gi,s Fuji Gi’s Modern flow gi’s, Tatami Gi’s and much more!

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Tatami gi reviews

Tatami is  a very popular gi brand so I thought a lot of people would like to see some Tatami gi reviews before making their decision on whether or not to buy a Tatami BJJ Gi.

I’ve put together a collection of  Tatami Gi reviews in the form of videos by various BJJ players so that you can make and informed decision.

Let me know if there’s a particular Tatami gi review that you’re after, if you can’t find it here by commenting below and I’ll see what I can dig up.

Here’s a review of the Tatami Estilo 4 by  It’s a great Tatami Gi review with a couple of dogs thrown in for free: has put together a really slick and professionally edited video of a Tatami Zero G V3 Gi Review here:


Here’s a nice little BJJ gi review of the Tatami Nova BJJ Gi by

If you’d like to submit your own Tatami gi reviews, then let me know in the comments.

To buy a Tatami gi click here!

How to clean a BJJ Gi

The only thing worse than rolling with the smelly dude at the gym is being the smelly guy at the gym. BJJ is a sport where you really work hard and sweat is a natural by-product of that hard work. Here are some videos of how to keep your Jiu-Jitsu gi clean and smelling fresh. produced a really great and very detailed video on the subject here, including how to fold up and carry you BJJ Gi after a sweaty training session.


For a real simple video on the topic,which is my own preference, watch this video by produced a nice little detailed video here with a nice little trick to get rid of nasty bacteria:

If you’re looking to pre soak, wash and dry your new gi, then here’s a video by bayareasrick that shows you how:

Fuji Gi Review

If you’re looking for a Fuji Gi Review, we’ve listed a few reviews here so that you can make a good decision if you’re looking to purchase a Fuji Gi.

Essentially, If you’re looking for a thorough Fuji Gi Review, We’ve listed some decent reviews by various BJJ players to give you an idea of what you get before buying. Check out the following reviews and let us know what you think by commenting below. :

Meerkatsu Fuji gi review

BJJ Monsters fuji Gi review

Sherdog Fuji gi review

Detailed Fuji Gi review by training BJJ

BJJwarehouse video review:

Atama BJJ forum

Many people have been looking for an Atama BJJ forum to find out more info about this massive brand name so we decided to point out some resources for you guys to use that may be helpful. While there doesn’t seem to be a specific forum on the subject, there are many useful forum posts and articles about the Atama BJJ brand on various reputable Martial arts and BJJ related websites.. There is of course the official Atama site it’s self although depending on the state of your Portuguese, you may have to use a translator.

There are some very interesting threads on the major MMA and BJJ forums that show different points of view on the quality of Atama BJJ gi’s like this forum discussion on Sherdog. While not an official Atama BJJ forum, it is a very well known and respected forum. has a fantastic forum thread here.The more interesting posts are near the bottom of the thread.

For a bit of history of that conversation, there’s a thread on here. Now, it is clear that Atama is an incredibly popular brand worldwide that seems to have suffered quite a knock when one of the most senior staff passed away but for all intents and purposes, it really does appear to have recovered. There are quite a few forum posts about the actual impact on the business but what most people want from an Atama BJJ forum is to know whether or not they are good quality BJJ gis’s and if they offer value for money. In other words, is it worthwhile to buy an Atama Gi. It really does appear that it the overwhelming majority of people who buy these gi’s are happy with them but we’ll leave you to decide once you’ve read the opinions listed in the different places mentioned here. Even better, give us your opinion if you’re actually worn one by commenting below.


Jiu-Jitsu Gi for kids

There are many brands out there that manufacture awesome BJJ gi’s but it can be tough to find a great Jiu-Jitsu Gi for kids. Luckily there are plenty and we’ve found them for you. It’s important to buy from a reliable online store that won’t mess you around.

We had a look through loads of suppliers but the guys that seem to have the biggest range is actually Amazon and the nice thing is that you don’t really get a more reliable and dependable supplier. This make it the ideal place to shop for a Jiu-Jitsu Gi for kids.

What’s fantastic is that they not only stock a range of gi’s but they’re actual big name Gi’s so there’s that extra level of trust that you get from knowing that it’s not just some no name item that won’t last. It really is a great range and the perfect place to buy a really fantastic and durable Jiu-Jitsu Gi for kids.


Amazon has a huge selection