Gameness Gi- Quality from a tried and tested BJJ brand.

Gameness gi

Gameness gi

Looking at getting a Gameness Gi? Gameness are a huge brand in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu circles and this is for a good reason, they make fantastic BJJ gi’s. With a BJJ Gi from Gameness, you know you’ve got a quality product. It’s no wonder that their pro team includes incredible athletes like 9 time world champion Caio Terra and 2014 No gi IBJJF world champion Yuri Simoes. Check out the range below from MMA Warehouse if you’re looking to buy a Gameness BJJ Gi.

When it comes to a BJJ G, quality is not universal and it's important to go with a trusted name. Let's face it, it doesn't matter what name brand you have on a Tshirt because the quality only counts so much and the price is usually limited but when it comes to buying a BJJ Gi, you're going to be laying out a fairly large amount of your hard earned cash and the truth is that this isn't tennis. BJJ is a sport that's really hard on what you wear and if the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi that you wear isn't made of good quality material then the risk of of tearing increases dramatically.

The material's and stitching in a Gameness Gi make the difference.

Every Gi risks tearing due to the toughness of the sport but by purchasing a high quality Jiu-Jitsu Gi like a Gameness Gi, you can rest assured, you're getting the very best quality. Gameness are known for their durable Gi's and this due to the high quality of the materials used. The reason that you can rely on the rugged durability of a Gameness Gi is for that very reason and it's exactly why these BJJ gi's are used by the sports top competitors.

When you're on the mat fighting for every escape, sweep and submission, The last thing you want to worry about is your BJJ Gi ripping. That's why it's best to go with a trusted Gameness Gi.

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