Tatami gi reviews

Tatami is  a very popular gi brand so I thought a lot of people would like to see some Tatami gi reviews before making their decision on whether or not to buy a Tatami BJJ Gi.

I’ve put together a collection of  Tatami Gi reviews in the form of videos by various BJJ players so that you can make and informed decision.

Let me know if there’s a particular Tatami gi review that you’re after, if you can’t find it here by commenting below and I’ll see what I can dig up.

Here’s a review of the Tatami Estilo 4 by Gireviews.net.  It’s a great Tatami Gi review with a couple of dogs thrown in for free:

BJJwarehouse.com has put together a really slick and professionally edited video of a Tatami Zero G V3 Gi Review here:


Here’s a nice little BJJ gi review of the Tatami Nova BJJ Gi by Grapplestore.co.uk:

If you’d like to submit your own Tatami gi reviews, then let me know in the comments.

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